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Sywell Air Display September 2006

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A4 prints from 10.
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stearman sywell air display

The Sywell Air Display was opened by the Utterly Butterly wing walking display team with their two old Stearman biplanes and two young ladies.

stearman utterly butterly

The Stearman display, the last for Utterly Butterly, was quite breathtaking for the audience, but hard on the hair for some.

sywell air show stearman

The girls performed all sorts of exotic gyrations....

thruxton jackaroo aeroplane pictures

The Thruxton Jackaroo is an unusual aircraft displayed at the Sywell Air Show. It is an Australian inspired de Havilland Tiger Moth conversion, providing four seats and an enclosed cabin.

thruxton jackaroo airplane

The performance of the vintage Jackaroo is comparable to the modern Cessna 172

Bucker Jungmeister

The Bucker Jungmeister was up next with a spectacular air display demonstrating the hazards of smoking.

bucker jungmeister

Some people think doing it upside down makes it more acceptable. It doesn't, but it might be more fun.

bucker jungmeister aeroplane

If the Utterly Butterly girls had wing walked on this old pre war biplane, would they have been on top of old smokey?

Harvard Texan airplane

Looks like the rush for the queue at Tesco's. Give me some elbow room, please!

north american harvard

Thats better. After you, sir.

harvard texan aircraft pictures

Thank you very much. Tell me, do you know where the peas are?

texan aircraft

Yes, they are behind you. They're over here.

harvard aeroplane pictures

So much nicer when the sun comes out.

North American Harvard

Cross your hearts are being worn a little higher, this year.
tiger moth

de Havilland Tiger Moth preparing for a barnstorming session of flour bombing and ballon bursting.

fokker triplane

A pair of Fokker DR1 Triplanes followed the Harvards. They look more like toys. No they are not models hanging from my bedroom ceiling.

fokker triplane DR1

Herr Baron, haff you seen Charlie Brown, recently.

triplane dri fokker

Nein, Charlie Brown is chust ein figment of der fevered imagination.

fokker triplane dr1

Zen vas is das behind you?

Fokker DR1

Ach, Dachschund Doo. Auf Wiedrsehen, Max!

se5 aircraft

A simulated battle between two replica German Fokker DR1 Triplanes and a British SE5 and a Spad resulted in a totally unexpected victory for the Allies.


After the "battle" the Spad does a victory fly by.

Spad aeroplane pictures

Never mind the Hun, where's the sun?

se5 airplane picture

The SE5 treats the crowd to a slow fly by, too.

P51 Mustang

Then, quite figuratively out of the blue, comes the P51 Mustang

p51 mustang


Mustang P51 aeroplane


P51 Mustang

de Havilland aircraft

The weather took a turn for the worse as the de Havilland display started. Still good weather for watching the Sywell flying display, but not so good for photography, unfortunately.

de Havilland aircraft

Dragon Rapide and Chipmunks celebrate 60 years of the de Havilland Chipmunk

de havilland dragon

Extra 300 Sywell
extra sywell

consolidated catalina

The Catalina has always been a favourite of mine.

catalina consolidated aircraft

What a beautifully clean machine, this Consolidated PBY Catalina.



Sywell would not be Sywell without this sight and sound.

spitfire pictures

Has there ever been a more beautiful aeroplane than this?

hawker hurricane

Or a more worthy icon than its stablemate the Hawker Hurricane?

hawker hurricane pictures


spitfire sywell air display

Spitfire, Sywell Air Display

sywell air display spitfire

Spitfire, Sywell Air Display

hawker hurricane sywell

Hurricane, Sywell






P40 brings the Sywell Air Display to an end.