The First Spitfire? - K5054

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Spitfire K5054 first spitfire

first spitfire k5054

k5054 first spitfire

Spitfire Mk 1

K5054 flew for the first time on 5th or 6th March 1936. The date is uncertain as contradictory entries in the record books and log books of the people concerned point to either date being correct.

What is certain is that the task of flying this beauty for the first time fell to the Vickers test pilot "Mutt" Summers. Equally certain is that, at that time, K5054 was not yet a Spitfire!

Whichever day K5054 first flew, it was known as a Type 300. The name Spitfire was not bestowed until May 1936.

Whilst this naming may seem rather unimportant, I mention it because the date that the aircraft received its name is at the heart of the confusion over the date the aircraft actually flew for the first time.

To cut a very long story short, I'm going to go with the evidence of Jeffrey Quills log book which appears more clear and precise than Capt. Summers'. Quills book puts the first flight as 6th March 1936.

Either way, what a day! What a job!!