Spitfire Mk IIa P7350

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Spitfire Mk IIa P7350

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P7350 Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIa

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Spitfire Mk IIa

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P7350, the only surviving Battle of Britain Spitfire, and also the oldest Spitfire still flying anywhere in the world, is back where she belongs, with the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

This Spitfire was sold as scrap by the Royal Air Force, in 1948. Fortunately she remained more or less intact - the port wing still has visible repaired bullet holes from an Me 109 - and was restored to flying condition for the epic "Battle of Britain."

After the film Spitfire P7350 was returned as a gift to the Royal Air Force under whos guidance she is now a regular air display performer.

More than 12,000 Spitfire Mk IIs were built, P7350 being the fourteenth of the series!