Spitfire Mk IX ML407 G-LFIX

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Grace Spitfire ML407

Spitfire Mk IX Carolyn Grace

Grace Spitfire G-LFIX

Spitfire Mk IX ML407 G-LFIX

ML407 G-LFIX Spitfire IX

Spitfire 9 Grace

Grace Spitfire ML407 Mk IX

ML407 G-LFIX Spitfire

Spitfire TIX two seater

two seater spitfire ml407

ML407 Spitfire IX


Spitfire Mk 9

This Spitfire Mk IX, ML407, entered Royal Air Force service in April 1944, as a single seater. It served with several squadrons during its twelve month war career.

Starting with a New Zealand squadron, 485, during which time it is credited with the first kill over theNormandy beaches on D-Day, it went on to serve with 341 Free French, 308 Polish, 349 Belgian, 345 Free French, 332 Norwegian, then back to 485 New Zealand Squadron.

Post war it was converted to two seater trainer and went to the Irish Air Corps before being acquired by its current owners the Grace family.

Now flown, quite nicely, by Carolyn Grace, it is probably the best known Spitfire on the circuit.