Spitfire T Mk IX PV202 G-TRIX

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Spitfire Mk IX PV202

G-TRIX Spitfire Mk IX

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Spitfire Mk IX H98 IAC161

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This two seat Spitfire T Mk IX, PV202, currently wears the markings H-98 of the Koninklije Luchtmark. Its civilian registration is G-CCCA.

Most of the pictures opposite are of an earlier scheme, of the Irish Air Corps IAC-161 when she was registered as G-TRIX.

Originally built as a Spitfire LFIX she entered service late in 1944. Spitfire PV202 was credited with three kills, one Bf109G and two FW190s.

She was converted from Spitfire Mk IX to T Mk IX in 1950 and joined the Irish Air Force as IAC-161 where she served as a trainer until 1960.

She had quite a chequered career as a civilian aircraft but this Spitfire T Mk IX is still seen on the air show circuit.