Spitfire Mk LFVb EP120 G-LFVB

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Spitfire LFVb G-LFVB

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Spitfire Mk 5 G-LFVB

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Spitfire LFVb

The Spitfire Mk V is basically a re-engined Spitfire Mk I. Over 6,500 Mk Vs were built from December 1940.

On the Spitfire Mk Vb the wing tips may be clipped to improve handling at low level, though this did not happen to all Spitfire Mk Vbs.The pictures of Spitfire Mk Vb, EP120, on the right does clearly show the wing tip.

The Spitfire LF Vb is differentaited from the Vb by a different engine, also more suited to low level operations.

This actual aircraft is credited with at least six kills, all at the hands of Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Northcote, in whos markings she is still displayed. (And I used to play hangar pilots in it when it was at RAF St. Athan!)

The Spitfire Mk Va was an eight machine gun equipped fighter. The Spitfire Vb had two cannons clearly visible protruding from the leading edges, which replaced four of the machine guns. Mk Vc had four cannons all of which can just be seen on the silhouette above.