Spitfire Mk VIIIc MT928 G-BKMI

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Spitfire Mk VIII ZX-M MT928

Supermarine Spitfire MT928 ZX-M

G-BKMI Spitfire MT928

Spitfire Mk 1

This Spitfire LF Mk VIIIc, ZX-M, was aparently originally registered as MV154. She had a none too exciting war career. Built in mid 1944, she travelled in a crate to Australia in October 1944. She remained in Australia, still in her crate until early 1949 when she was reassembled as a non flying systems test airframe.

She returned to the UK in 1979 and after much restoration got airbourne again on 28th May 1994.

The Spitfire currently bears the markings MT928 ZX-M as it would have appeared in the Mediterranean theatre of operations. MT928 was a 145 Squadron Royal Air Force, which, at the time, was a day and night fighter unit based in Italy.

ZX-M was the mount of Squadron Leader G. McKay and was appaerently used by him for straffing and ground attack.

This aircraft is now operated from a German base, by German flyers.

Achtung ...... enjoy!