Spitfire Mk Vc JG891 G-LFVC

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Spitfire Mk Vc JG891

Spitfire MkVc JG891 T-B

Spitfire Vc 5c

Spitfire T-B Vc

Victoria Cross Flt.Lt J.B. Nicholson

Spitfire Mk 5c

The four cannons of this Spitfire Mk Vc are clearly visible, as is the desert camoflage and the Australian version of a Vokes air filter, the large chin cowling which helps protect the engine from the dust and sand of desert operations.

This Mk Vc Spitfire is Merlin powered and has a three bladed prop. The high back fuselage, three bladed prop, Volkes filter and four large cannon should aid recognition on the display circuit. But .....

This Spitfire, G-LFVC, can be changed from desert to conventional cowlings and may be seen in either guise at airshows around Britain.

Spitfire JG891 entered service with the Royal Australian Air Service in April 1943 but crashed on landing in poor conditions in the Solomon Islands only a few months later.

Desert colour scheme and Squadron markings are 249 "Gold Coast" Sqd. Royal Air Force. A 249 Squadron pilot, Flt. Lt. Nicholson, became Fighter Commands only Victoria Cross holder after shooting down a Bf110, at great cost to himself. Thanks sport, very much!