Spitfire Mk XI PL965 G-MKXI

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Spitfire Mk XI PL965 G-MKXI

Spitfire Mk 11 PL965

PR Mk XI Spitfire G-MKXI

Spitfire Mk XI GMKXI

G-MKXI Spitfire Mk XIPR

Spitfire PR Mk XI PL965 is registerd in UK as G-MKXI. Originally specified as Mk IX in 1944 she was completed, and served as a PR Mk XI.

Following RAF wartime service she went on to join the Royal Dutch Air Force before returning to UK as a restoration project around 1985.

Her first flight as a civilian Spitfire took place on 23rd December 1992, a nice Christmas present for someone!

This Spitfire Mk XI is the only one of its type still flying, though at the rate that Spitfires are returning to the air, this may not be true for long.

The blue colour scheme is beleived to be an accurate reproduction of her original colours in RAF service.

At one time, she was a lovely(!) shade of pink, which is also a correct representation of some PR Spitfires used by the RAF during the war.