Spitfire Mk XIV ME268 G-SPIT

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Spitfire Mk XIV ME268 JE-J

Spitfire ME293 JE-J

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Spitfire Mk XIV JE-J

Spitfire Mk XIV MV268, bearing the Squadron Markings JE-J, and Spitfire Mk XIV ME293 are the same aircraft, with the civilian registration G-SPIT

Built just too late to see active service she went to India for a short time before returning to UK, being struck off service and sold as a civilian aircraft.

The correct Royal Air Force registration for this Spitfire is as MV293 but in 2000 it was painted in the colour scheme and markings of AVM Johnnie Johnson as a tribute to his wartime service. Johnnie Johnson was apparently attending a display at Duxford and did not know of the new colour scheme.

AVM Johnsons record during the nastiness was, 34 destroyed, 7 shared destroyed, 3 shared probables, 10 shared damaged, 1 destroyed on the ground.

I bet the best bit was him seeing "his" areoplane at Duxford 2000.