Supermarine Seafire Mk XVII G-KASX

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Supermarine Seafire SX366

Seafire spitfire sx366

SX366 Supermarine Seafire

Seafire Mk XVII SX366

Supermarine MkXVII Seafire

Supermarine Seafire Mk XVII

The Supermarine Seafire is an obvious adaptation of the Spitfire.

First planned in 1940, (a modified Spitfire with a tail hook had already flown in October 1939) the introduction of the modified Spitfire Mk I was delayed due to the overwhelmingly urgent need for Spitfires by the Royal Air Force.

The first Navy Seafire to fly, early in 1942, was a modified Spitfire Mk V.

The aircraft shown opposite is a privately owned Seafire Mk XVII which is an adaptation of the Seafire Mk XV. Both marks are Griffon powered with a four blade prop. The Griffon engine is much heavier than the Merlin and rotates in the opposite direction, which caused much difficulty in the Seafire Mk XV.

The Seafire Mk XVII benefited from a redesigned undercarriage which made it much more controllable than the Mk XV, particularly at the early stages of take off on the crowded deck of an aircraft carrier.