Spitfire MkIa AR213 JZ-E

Spitfire Mk1a AR213
Spitfire MkIa AR213, although completed in July 1941,never saw active service. She spent her whole service life with an Operational Training Unit until being " honourably discharged" in 1945. Perhaps AR231's biggest claim to fame is that she flew at the hands of some very, very competent pilots, including the Ace "Ginger" Lacy.

Spitfire AR213 bears the markings of 57 OTU. It was at that OTU, bearing the markings JZ-E that Ginger Lacy flew her. Lacy was responsible for the destruction of more enemy aircraft than any other pilot during the Battle Of Britain.

After the war Spitfire AR213 remained grounded until she was restored for the film "Battle Of Britain." That film was responsible for a lot of Spitfires being restored to life! She was given the civilian registration G-AIST

Hopefully more pictures of Spitfire MkIa AR213 will follow in due course.
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