Supermarine Spitfires

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Supermarine Spitfires which appear on this list are believed to be airworthy examples. If you know of other Spitfires that should be added, (or Spitfires that should be removed!), please let me know. Also, any information that you would like to see included, pease drop me a line.

And don't confine yourself to Spitfires. Any information on any aeroplane is always welcome and if you would like to see your aeroplane, museum, flying school, airshow, etc. included on this site, I'm only too pleased to come and photograph it, at your convenience. Just let me know.

For now, please bear with me whilst I complete this list of Spitfires and grow the rest of the site, thank you. If you don't find the Spitfire you're looking for, please check here for an alternative list of Spitfires on this site. Thank you.


Spitfire F MkIa AR213 JZ-E; XR-D; (G-AIST)

Spitfire F MkIa N3200 QV (G-CFGJ)

Spitfire F MkIa P9374 J (G-MKIA)

Spitfire F MkIa R6915

Spitfire F MkIa X4650 KL-A (G-CGUK)

Spitfire F MkIa P7308 XR-D (G-AIST)


Spitfire F MkIIa P7350 EG-B (BBMF)

Spitfire F MkIIa P7350 XT-L (BBMF)


Spitfire LF MkVb AB910 IR-G;

Spitfire LF MkVb AB910 RF-D;

Spitfire LF MkVb AB910 SH-L; - Not Yet, sorry

Spitfire F MkVb BM597 JH-C (G-MKVB)

Spitfire LF MkVb EP120 AE-A (G-LFVB)

Spitfire LF MkVc JG891 TB


Spitfire F MkVIIIc MT928 ZX-M


Spitfire LF MkIXb MH434 ZD-B (G-ASJV)

Spitfire F MkIXc MH486 FF-A (Gate Guardian)

Spitfire F MkIXc PV270 AL

Spitfire LF MkIXe MK356 5J-K (BBMF)

Spitfire LF MkIXe MK356 21V (BBMF)

Spitfire LF MkIXe MK356 UF-Q (BBMF)

Spitfire LF MkIXc MK912 SH-L (G-BRRA)

Spitfire HF MkIXe RR232 (G-BRSF)

Spitfire HF MkIXe TA805 FX-M (G-PMNF)

Spitfire HF MkIXe TD314 FX-P (G-CGYJ)

Spitfire PR MkIX PL965 R (G-MKXI)


Spitfire Tr9 MJ627 9G-P (G-BMSB)

Spitfire Tr9 ML407 OU-V (G-FLIX)

Spitfire Tr9 PT462 SW-A (G-CTIX)

Spitfire Tr9 PV202 QV-I; (G-CCCA)

Spitfire TR9 PV202 161 ; (G-CCCA)

Spitfire TR9 PV202 5R-H; (GCCCA) Not yet, sorry

Spitfire Tr9 SM520 KJ-I (G-ILDA)


Spitfire PR MkXI PL965R


Spitfire F MkXIV RN201

Spitfire F MkXIVc SM832 YB-A

Spitfire F MkXIVe W2-P

Spitfire FR MkXIVe MV293 JE-J (G-SPIT)

Spitfire LF MkXVIe TD248 CR-S (G-OXVI)


Spitfire LF MkXVIe TE184 DU-N; ZF-U; (G-MKXVI)

Spitfire LF MkXVIe TE311 4D-V (BBMF)index

Spitfire LF MkXVIe RW382 3W-P (G-PBIX)

Spitfire F MkXVI TE356 DE-D


Spitfire F MkXVII SX336 (G-KASX)

Spitfire FR MkXVIIIe SM845 GZ-J (G-BUOS)

Spitfire PR MkXIX PM631 (BBMF)

Spitfire PR MkXIX PS853 C (G-RRGN)

Spitfire PR MkXIX PS890 (Contra-Prop)

Spitfire PR MkXIX PS890 UM-E

Spitfire PR MkXIX PS915